Keynote Panel Discussion : Future Gazing : How Will Retail Payments Develop Over The Next Five Years?

27 Apr 2022
Theatre B

The moderator will ask some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to offer some questions of their own :

  1. Which new innovations will we see in retail payments by 2027?
  2. What will the self-checkout vs staffed checkout vs walk out landscape look like in 2027?
  3. How will the cloud impact the payments landscape over the next five years?
  4. Which new payments methods will become expected by customers in five years' time?
  5. What proportion of store payments will be cash and credit/debit cards by 2027?
  6. How will buy now pay later develop over the next five years?
  7. How will retailers be reducing their costs of acceptance by 2027?
  8. Which new value-added payment services will dominate the payments landscape over the next five years?
  9.  How will payment security develop by 2027?
  10. What role will cryptocurrency play in within retail payments over the next five years?
Kate Lavery, Head of Technology - Morrisons
Jamie Korda, Principal Architect - Marks & Spencer
Paul Rodgers, Chairman, Vendorcom and European Payments Evangelist, World Wide Web Consortium
Santiago Cabeza, Business Development Manager - Nexo Standards