Keynote Panel Discussion : Future Gazing : What Will Retailing Look Like In 2025?

26 Apr 2022
Headline Theatre

The moderator will ask some of the following questions as well as asking the audience to offer some questions of their own :

  1. Which new technological innovations will have the most impact on retail by 2025?
  2. What will the relationship between stores, online and omnichannel look like in three years' time?
  3. How will customer expectations and customer experiences change by 2025?
  4. What will customer delivery look like in three years' time?
  5. How will retailers attract customers to their stores in three years’ time and how will the role of the store evolve over that time. 
  6. What role will the metaverse play in retail by 2025? 
  7. How will job descriptions develop within retail by 2025?  
  8. What changes will we see in payments in three years’ time?  
Ken Daly, CEO - JML
Robin Phillips, CEO - Watch Shop
Constanze Freienstein, Managing Director - Lands’ End Europe
Damian Dowling, Segment Lead - Logistics UK & IE - Schneider Electric