Panel Discussion : What Is Behind The Boom In Item-Level RFID Adoption Within The Supply Chain?

27 Apr 2022
Theatre A
  1. How is your business utilizing item-level RFID within its supply chain?
  2. Before implementing item-level RFID, what pain points did your organization experience within your supply chain and why did you look at RFID to address them?
  3. After your implementation, what difference did you see in delivery compared to your original process?
  4. What impact did COVID-19 have on your supply chain and how did item-level RFID solve these challenges?
  5. Based on your journey, what 2-3 things would you encourage a retailer to consider before making the jump to item-level RFID?
  6. How is your organization looking to utilize the technology to drive more value within the supply chain going forward?
Dean Frew, CTO & SVP RFID Solutions - SML Group
John Cooper, Senior Director Merchandising, Supply, Applied Analytics & Transformation - George Clothing (part of Asda Group)
Mattias Sjöstedt, Product Owner, In Store Stock Optimization - H&M Group Business Tech
Johan Stenström, Supply Chain Developer - Stadium