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  • Register – Simple, Modern EPOS
  • Equipped with Android and the most powerful DENSO original scan engine to date. Available as "Smartphone style" with a 5" Touch display or classic handheld terminal with 3.2" Touch display and keyboar ...
  • Face authentication at access control points using an encrypted QR code.
  • Property protection with advanced laser sensor technology cultivated through the development of automotive parts.
  • "Seek and you shall find" - this old adage is a thing of the past with RFID-based navigation tags.
  • Electronic e-paper tags combined with RFID technology - for the sake of the environment.
  • Panasonic is a leading manufacturer, supplier and developer of AV technology and camera applications – since 1918! Our spin-off i-PRO offers a broad range of professional cameras for warehouses and re ...
  • The fixed-type industrial RFID reader and antenna reads up to 700 tags per seconds. The ideal assistant to manage your incoming goods.
  • For smart scanning at the POS. With the UR21 stationary RFID scanner the checkout procedure can be completed quickly by just scanning products on the counter.
  • A contactless and secure delivery and returns solution available in 4 different temperature options - with full integration in your commerce and order management solution. 
  • The future success of brick-and-mortar retail lies in the ability to make physical shopping trips as easy and as enjoyable as possible. And this will be achieved through a combination of creative solu ...
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you an instant, flexible retail solution, combining your ERP and CRM systems onto a single Cloud platform enabling you to utilise all your retail data. 
  • With its multi-retailer management platform, Miam for Brands is a retail media offer that gives brands an opportunity to sponsor meal ideas and promote the culinary aspect of their products.