• Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you an instant, flexible retail solution, combining your ERP and CRM systems onto a single Cloud platform enabling you to utilise all your retail data. 
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    14 Apr 2022 Zyler
  • Identity ecosystems are the foundation that’s helping change the face of retail Discover how an identity ecosystem enables retail digital transformation, including: Intelligently protecting retail’s m ...
  • The MCW10 Wireless LAN Unit connects to the printer by using the included USB cable to supply power. Adaptable to various Star printers.
  • Take control of omnichannel store operations with flexible Retail Pro Prism POS and retail management software.
  • Best known for innovative address validation and geocoding technology used to capture and verify customer data, Loqate data services help improve day-to-day operations for retailers worldwide. 
  • Imagine taking physical inventory in minutes instead of days. That’s RFID. Imagine RFID is simple, accurate, affordable, and works out of the box with Retail Pro. That's RIOT for Retail Pro.     
  • XRETAIL is a unified commerce software platform with helps retailers offer exceptional online & offline shopping experiences.
  • THE DISTRIBUTED MARKETING PLATFORM THAT RELEASES YOU TO DO MORE. More flexibility. More consistency. More streamlined. Cortex Territory is the distributed marketing platform that delivers all this. Ev ...
  • The portable router includes full-featured routing, security, traffic shaping, and Wi-Fi, making it easy to establish a secure, dedicated connection to the headquarters or the Internet to access cruci ...
  • Designed for branches that require the higher performance of 5G, the Cradlepoint W2005 Series is an enterprise-class 5G wideband adapter that ushers in the next generation of wireless WAN networking. 
  • The Cradlepoint IBR600C Series Router for IoT networks is a semi-ruggedized, cloud-managed LTE router, built for IoT and M2M applications. They provide a resilient, LTE connection ideal for use in hig ...
  • 5G wideband adapter for low- and mid-band capacity spectrum layer Cradlepoint 5G wideband adapters provide industry-leading Wireless WAN connectivity. These purpose-built adapters are sold with a subs ...
  • The Cradlepoint NetCloud for Branch with E3000 Series Enterprise Router is suited for fixed retail locations, ideally when combined with need for security services at scale with performance.