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Business France Hub 

Business France is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location.

Retail has long been a flagship sector of the French economy, and the growth seen in the French e-commerce market in the past few years has meant that the country’s Retail Tech start-ups, and scale ups have proved their value to retailers.

French retail technology companies will have a huge amount to offer global retailers, and Business France will be proud to present more exciting start-ups at the Retail Technology Show 2024. We are excited to showcase some amazing start-ups that will shape the future of retail technology.

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Business France 2024 Start Ups! 

booxi Booxi is a retail-focused appointment scheduling and management software. It helps prestigious brands like LVMH, L’Oréal, and Decathlon offer and organise personalised services, online and offline with a range of applications, such as expert consultations, personal shopping, live shopping, e-reservation, and group events. It boosts sales performance, revitalises omnichannel strategy, personalises customer experiences, and attracts new clients. It increases conversion rates, doubles average basket size, and raises purchase frequency by 78%. Booxi is more than an appointment scheduling software; it is a strategic partner that transforms customer interactions. It operates in 80 countries and 16 languages.

Dataiads BFH  
Dataiads plug-and-play subscription-based SaaS effortlessly produces rapid, pixel-perfect, and highly personalised landing pages. This technology, known as Post-Click Experiences, enhances conversion rates and minimises bounce rates, with existing clients experiencing a remarkable 15% average uplift in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Prominent e-retailers, including LVMH, L'Oreal and Decathlon, have benefitted from Dataïad’s strategic application of AI, custom algorithms, and AB tests to ensure their landing pages reach the right persona without compromising personal data or the integrity of e-commerce sites and Content Management Systems (CMS). 

djust  DJUST is the leading SaaS eCommerce platform for B2B. It enables manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to launch, manage, and modernise their digital sales channels for their professional customers, helping boost revenues via its B2B commerce platform. DJUST partners with major players in the retail and fashion sectors, such as Auchan, Monoprix, Franprix, VEJA and Adore Me (a Victoria’s Secret company). It is the ideal solution to digitalise your B2B business and offer an optimal customer experience.

elynElyn is a returns interface that allows customers to request automated exchanges for different sizes, products, and prices. Elyn helps brands to save money and time with reduced support tickets and automated returns. The real added value is through the seamless integration of exchanges and vouchers, rather than refunds, better responding to most customer’s needs. Elyn works with complex brand workflows to transform returns from loss inducing to profit making. Elyn’s clients include some of best loved premium high street brands including ba&sh, Balzac Paris and Soeur.

Find & Order BFH Find & Order’s software drives logistics & supply chain efficiency by up to 30% by optimising operations through a savvy combination of gaming techniques & flow algorithms.  The add-on software for WMS, ERP and OMS has resulted in 15% annual savings in leading retailers across France and is now looking to the UK. The solution includes a highly accurate, interactive digital twin of the warehouse or store and delivers real-time options to enhance order batching, path picking and slotting.

PHYGITIX bfhPhygiplay is a Contactless Marketing Activation Platform designed to enhance the customer experience and gather valuable first-party data for businesses to maximise lead generation and drive transformative business growth. The platform offers a unique gaming experience using computer vision technology which allows users to engage in immersive, gesture-based games without needing an app. Phygiplay gives consumers the chance to unlock rewards through physical movement and provides interactive experiences like selfie kiosks and 3D-product interactions. In 2024, the platform will be in over 700 stores across France. 

Newtone BFH Newtone is an AI platform that helps retailers create and localise branded marketing content and product descriptions. Newtone’s AI learns from retailers’ own content to match their tone of voice, branding, and format, enabling retailers to publish their products online in minutes across all their markets. The platform helps retailers save time and money by creating content up to 1000 times faster with 10 times less overheads. Leading retailers spanning fashion, food, and travel are already benefitting from the platform.

Nepting logo Nepting is a cloud-based, omnicanal payment platform that enables merchants to accept payments from different terminals and methods. It offers flexibility, agility and real-time access to track and manage transactions and is the first platform of its kind to be deployed globally and support multiple terminal brands. Nepting simplifies and expands payment options for businesses in the digital era. The company wants to bring its cutting-edge payment solution that enhances customer transactions, operational efficiency, and overall business performance to UK retailers.

Octipas logo OCTIPAS by ChapsVision is redefining the shopping experience with its Digital In-Store solution which empowers sales teams by enabling seamless omnichannel interactions. Sales associates effortlessly navigate product pages to fulfil orders via MPOS and Mixed Basket, ensuring a frictionless experience for customers, who benefit from flexible delivery and payment options. With a proven track record serving illustrious brands like JD Sports and Longchamp, OCTIPAS stands at the forefront of mobile retail solutions. Opt for OCTIPAS to elevate turnover, eliminate lost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction on a global scale.

PricingHUB BFH PricingHUB is a SaaS pricing optimisation tool which used AI to help retail & ecommerce leaders to optimise price elasticity to meet internal objectives: protect margins, maximise sales or boost revenues. By leveraging internal data and AI, PricingHUB delivers actionable price recommendations to a number of household names to empower them to strategically position their customers at the core of their pricing strategy. PricingHUB’s expertise in complex project deployment ensures a seamless integration that aligns with the unique requirements of each client.

reachfive ReachFive is a cloud-agnostic CIAM SaaS platform that manages customer identity and access across all digital touchpoints. It integrates seamlessly with e-commerce sites, mobile apps, in-store kiosks and CRM/CDP applications, enabling brands and retailers to deliver personalised and secure user experiences. ReachFive is at the forefront of innovation, security and compliance, with features like IFP/RBA, biometrics and passkeys authentication, and passwordless login. Already working with global leaders in retail and fashion, such as Tiffany, Sephora, Lacoste, L’Occitane, and Leroy Merlin, ReachFive is the ultimate solution for your omnichannel identity strategy.

scaleflexScaleflex helps online businesses create amazing visual experiences for their customers. It is a B2B SaaS leader that offers a Visual Experience Platform that combines Digital Asset Management, Visual AI and Dynamic Media Optimisation solutions. With Scaleflex, online businesses can save costs, accelerate time-to-market and sales, and boost conversions with fast, light and attractive media content. Scaleflex is innovative, modular and scalable, with AI-powered visual catalogue cleaning and integration with 20+ e-commerce platforms. Scaleflex is trusted by brands like Rakuten, Yves Saint Laurent, Regatta Outdoor, Costa Coffee and White Stuff.

shopopopShopopop is a crowdshipping delivery solution that connects physical stores with a community of individual deliverers. It helps retailers offer a fairer and sustainable delivery service to their customers, who can choose to be delivered differently, in a conscious way. Shopopop optimises everyone’s resources by combining the best of technology and human common sense. Shopopop aims to make crowdshipping delivery the new standard for goods transport and already operates in France, Benelux, Italy and Spain, with over 8 million deliveries and 1.75 million users. Shopopop works with leading brands like Carrefour, Dia,, Eurospin, Auchan and Interflora.

Tapbuy logoTapbuy is the leading SaaS checkout solution designed to enhance mobile conversion rates by eliminating friction points. Its promise? A revenue surge of 10 to 30% by optimising the customer journey sustainably. Additional features include one-click purchase, smart split for multiple card payments, and 'Pay for me' for parental validation. Tapbuy seamless integrates with over 160 e-commerce tools and partners while preserving your brand identity, and is trusted by industry trailblazers like LVMH, Sandro, and Maje. Tapbuy ensures a seamless customer experience, and with 20,000 updates a year, the technology continually adapts to evolving mobile configurations.

Velou BFH Velou is an expert-trained, AI-powered ecommerce solution that automates product catalogue optimisation for different industries, such as fashion, beauty, and luxury. It enhances product discoverability and drives sales conversions across various touchpoints, from onsite searches to digital marketing. It also offers strong analytics and simplifies internal processes, enabling ecommerce businesses to focus on creative tasks and decision-making. Velou’s vision for revolutionising the ecommerce landscape through AI innovation is already integrated on several leading ecommerce platforms, and the team are looking to bring this cutting-edge technology to ecommerce businesses in the UK.

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