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Inspiration, future thinking and practical advice

Our conference programme features the latest insights from some of the industry’s sharpest thinkers. Keep up-to-date with fast-moving industry trends and hear from the innovators driving things forward in retail.

From inspirational keynotes, retail experts, groundbreaking success stories, through to practical advice, the Retail Technology Show conference programme delivers invaluable ideas and practical takeaways, all designed to help enhance and improve your retail business.   

Six key tracks cover our 2023 conference programme - tackling the most pertinent issues and trends in the industry: 

Simply click on a track to learn more about the sessions and speakers on the programme  


This crucial track highlights effective leadership strategies to respond to the cost-of-living crisis, clarification on retail sustainability initiatives, preparation suggestions for economic predictions and lessons learnt from Covid about the importance of empathy and kindness leadership.   

You’ll also learn how to ensure workforce retention through connection to your culture, increase employee engagement through effective DEI, drive profit through creative cost reduction and revamp your workforce and culture strategies to thrive during disruptive periods.     


This essential track looks at driving competitive advantage through truly delightful in-store experiences, maximising loyalty of cautious customers, increasing sales and awareness through social media and standing out through a clear brand identity and purpose  

You’ll also learn how to boost engagement though omnichannel personalisation, respond to the Covid-driven expectation for speed and convenience, re-evaluate your pricing to reflect low consumer-confidence and unlock the value of your data to drive true insight and loyalty. 


The innovation and future track allow you a deeper understanding of what the metaverse means for retail, how you can use AI for cost reduction and efficiency and how you can be more innovative through collaborating with start-ups. 

You’ll also learn what NFTs mean for retail revenue and brand awareness, how AR can truly differentiate your business in a downturn, where voice-commerce is headed and how key innovations impacting retail will evolve by 2028. 


This crucial track helps you create exceptional omnichannel experiences that truly stand out, drive omnichannel innovation through pureplay thinking, understand the role of technology in 2030 bricks and mortar and merge online and store customer experiences though live video. 

You’ll also learn how to sharpen your marketplace strategy as a key growth opportunity, reduce costs through pivoting to eCommerce, drive sales though new initiatives to get customers back into stores and evaluate key omnichannel lessons learnt from three years of unprecedented disruption. 


In this essential track you’ll learn how to make a sustainable supply chain reduce risk, how to use RFID to overcome supply chain pain points, how to use robotics effectively for warehouse efficiencies and whether you should charge for returns to reduce costs and drive sustainability further.  

The track also enables you to build supply chain adaptability and flexibility, rethink you peak trading workforce in the face of labour shortages, evolve your supply chain for Brexit and ensure your customer delivery strategy is right for both your customers and company.


The payments, checkout and fraud track will enable you to evaluate how to meet your demanding customers’ payment expectations, build and open banking strategy to cut costs, decide which payment options to offer and assess how to capitalise on the cryptocurrency opportunity. 

You’ll also learn how to fight back against the huge rise in cyber-attacks, maximise the value of tokenisation, drive customer convenience and engagement through checkout innovation and prepare for the future through understanding how payments and checkout will develop by 2028.  


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